Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Africa

The Mother Continent mesmerizes with its grasslands, crystalline waters, white-sand beaches, exotic wildlife, and majestic mountains. Check out the Top Tourist Destinations in Africa.

The Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Africa by amount Spent

The global tourism industry is worth a total of $1.7 Trillion in 2018, according to the UN World Tourism Organization.

At $12 billion, Egypt Holds the number one spot as the African country reaping the greatest benefits from tourist spending.

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Egypt’s Wiki

Country Egypt
Capital Cario
Language Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic
Currency Egyptian pound
Time Zone UTC+2
Population 2017 Estimate: 94,798,827

According to the UNWTO report, the tourism receipts include their flights’ tickets and whatever goods and services travelers paid for at their destinations.

Why Travellers spend the most in Egypt?

Egypt’s revenue is probably due to the fact that the country hosted the biggest sporting event in the continent – the Africa Cup of Nations [AFCON] last year.

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Egypt's Sports and Youth Minister Asharaf Sobhy
Egypt’s Sports and Youth Minister Asharaf Sobhy

Prior to hosting the 2019 edition, the Sports and Youth Minister Asharaf Sobhy predicted that:

“The Africa Cup of Nations Championship [AFCON] is likely to attract more than 50,000 tourists to Egypt in June 2019” — Egypt’s Sports and Youth Minister Asharaf Sobhy.

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Tourist Sites In Egypt

Major events like these results in an influx of people whose expenses benefit the country’s tourism sector and the general economy.

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Giza Necropolis
Giza Necropolis

Aside from this event, tourists visit to see beautiful sights like the Giza NecropolisOne of the remaining seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the beaches, great resort towns, the Egyptian Museum with over 120,00 items and the 6th of October Panorama.

Here are the Top 10 destinations in Africa:

  1. Egypt – $12 Billion
  2. South Africa – $9 Billion
  3. Morocco – $8 Billion
  4. Nigeria – $2 Billion
  5. Malta – $2 Billion
  6. Tunisia – $2 Billion
  7. Tanzania – $2 Billion
  8. Mauritius – $2 Billion
  9. Sudan – $1 Billion
  10. Uganda – $1 Billion
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Which of these countries are you Eyeing for your next trip?